Our Mission

We are on a mission to transform the quality of 100,000 people’s lives through fitness, community, influence and personal growth.

Bemore fitness is the home of transformational change inspiring a movement of your everyday people & fitness enthusiasts to become happier , healthier and stronger.

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66.9% of Australians aged 18 years and over were living with overweight or obesity, [1]
55% of Australians don’t meet physical activity guide lines [1]
Almost half (44%) of working-age adults spend much of their work day sitting [3]
94% do not meet the recommendations for daily fruit and vegetable consumption [4]
9 Australians die everyday by suicide [5]
65,000 Australians make suicide a temp each year [6]



1. Acquire
10 gym locations, 200-250 participants for the FitBody Project series per year, and 200-250 people through community and charity events.
2. Reach
20,000 per year with educational, inspirational, motivational reels that add value to people.
3. Deliver
Transformational results and positively impact people to shift them into positive behavior or to motivate them to move, eat better, or think differently.
4. Impact
Promote positive community and culture to life life with better habits.
5. Track
Through honest questionnaires and feedback forms from challenges, communities, and events.

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